Day 5 of We Want Alex

 19 Days until Before Someday  It’s Top Five Friday There are so many places we could go with this, but let’s start with the top five things I’ve learned from writing The Double Threat series–specifically Before Someday. I don’t know shit about architecture. I wish Alex would have majored in something like Childrens’ Literature. Or liberal […]

Day 4 of We Want Alex

Throwback Thursday An excerpt from So I’m a Double Threat, the first Double Threat book (told from Meg’s point of view). Here’s the setup… Alex goes to Meg’s soccer practice to talk to her about the upcoming rally. He ran for Backwards King (like Sadie Hawkins) and he made the court with Meg’s help.   […]

Day 3 of We Want Alex

19 days until Before Someday is live and available on ereaders worldwide! Are you excited? I am! Before Someday is a long novel. Like really long. Just think… Meg had four whole books to tell her story. Alex has one. So, what I did was divide the book into four parts. Got it? Let’s take […]

Day 2 of We Want Alex

It’s Teaser Tuesday Happy reading!   “Mom, don’t worry. I got it handled. Don’t crap on my parade here. Meg is going to be on my arm.” I sink into a chair at our breakfast table. “Let me enjoy this moment, would you?” She sits down next to me. “Oh, honey. Why is this so […]

Day 1 of We Want Alex

Let the countdown begin. Yesterday, the cover for Before Someday was revealed all over Facebook, Twitter, and across multiple blogs and other social media sites. Today, I’d like to share a video titled, “The Making of the Before Someday Book Cover.” It was a very special weekend, getting the opportunity to bring Meg and Alex […]

Before Someday: Cover Reveal

 You’ve asked for it. You’ve waited patiently. Or not so patiently. And here it is… Alex’s story. Title: Before Someday Genre: Young Adult, New Adult, Romance, Romantic Comedy Release Date: March 29, 2015 Add to Goodreads Cover Design: Perfect Pear Creative Covers Before Someday is the perfect combination of sweet and sexy, humor and angst, […]

New Release: Losing It- A Collection of V-Cards

Confession Time It’s confession time. I’ve done this before, confessed my guilty pleasures for the world to see. Hell, why not do it again. Hi, my name is Julie and I have a confession to make. *** holding candle*** I’m addicted to Hallmark and ABC Family movies. I’m a hopeless romantic, lover of all things […]

Next up: Alex’s story

Two words: 1. Alex 2. NaNoWriMo What does that mean? It means that the first draft of Alex’s story should be complete by the end of the month because I’m writing it for Nano. And Nano runs the month of November only. I’m challenging myself to. Get. It. Done! I’ve scheduled time with my editor […]

Release Day: Tell Me You Love Me is Live!

Happy Release Day to me…   Tell Me You Love Me is available. Purchase Now   It’s live, friends. It’s live. It feels like I’ve been waiting to release the book for so long. I’m so happy the day has come, even though my belly is a ball of nerves right now. I hope you […]

New Release Update: Tell Me You Love Me

  Cover Reveal: September 14, 2014 Join the party on FB. Release Day Party: September 21, 2014 Party link coming soon. Readers! I’m so excited about the release of Tell Me You Love Me. It’s in the hands of early readers and the feedback has been humbling and amazing. It’s a scary thing releasing a […]