"A Conversation with Julie Prestsater"

Check out my latest interview by Mayra Calvani for Suite 101. This is fun!

"Author reminds us that both high school and reading can be fun"

“Author reminds us that both high school and reading can be fun” by Liliana Montiel-Doucette Today, I’m thrilled to introduce author, Julie Prestsater, who learned about the joys of reading while getting her master’s degree. She was asked to present a bag of books and written materials that represented a biography of her life. Going […]

Back to blogging…

So it’s been a long week and I decided to start blogging…my short stint at blogging for a whopping two times in the past did not go over well. So I’m going to try to do it more often. Let’s see how it goes… I spent last week on the run. I drove to Vegas […]

OMG! I’m Blogging!

Hey Folks, I think my only reader is gonna be my sister. Pardon the lack of correct spelling and grammar. This is definately not going to be an editted blog, more like me having diarrhea of the mouth. For those of you that know me, that’s like always. I’m like my dad in that way. […]