Live: Meggie from the Double Threat Crew

Hey, Double Threats! Before I show you the awesome videos of Megan Miller showing us a glimpse of her hilarious self, I want to talk about Alex. Many of you have been sending me emails about his story. When am I going to release it? Is it finished? And so on. They answer is… it’s […]

Video Book Review: I’m Ecstatic

How can I not be giddier than four year old girl in a nail salon? Really! I’m serious. About once a month or so, I do a Google search of myself and see if I missed any book reviews or something. Well, today I hit a jackpot. I found something, all right! (exclamation intended, I’m […]

Double Time is out! Go get your copy!

It’s been way too long. I’ve been so busy writing, working, and finishing classes that I’ve neglected my blog. Good news: Double Time (part 3 in the Double Threat series) is now available! I can’t tell you how excited I am. This one was so much fun to write and I’m sure you’ll have a […]

He leaned down … And what?

I’m almost done. I’m almost done. Picture me doing a happy dance around my laptop. When I’m completely finished, I’ll call it a victory lap.  It’s Torture Thursday, right?  So here it goes:  “He walked me to do door, holding my hand, told me he’d like to see me again, and then leaned down … […]

Every day is torture day …

My Twitter buddies inspired me to write a teaser today. We often have fun posting back and forth about Alex, Meg, and do I dare say his name? Travis. Cue the Freddy or Jason music and the shrill screams. Poor Travis. As @BrandyJ79 would say, “He gets no love”. Nope, he doesn’t, because just the […]

Tomorrow, it’s on! #TeaserTuesday

Now that all my previously completed books have been updated, I’m ready to focus on Double Time. I know, I’ve changed the title so many times. But hey, I can. It’s not going to change anymore, though. It’s actually published on the new cover of Double Threat My Bleep, so I there’s no turning back. […]