Day 18 of We Want Alex

Throwback Thursday! Check out these promos for Meg’s books in the Double Threat Series…     It’s so fun to go back to some of the things Meg said and did and then see them from Alex’s perspective. The way she speaks, the way she thinks… well you can definitely tell the age difference. Or […]

Day 16 of We Want Alex

Teaser Tuesday While Before Someday is told from Alex’s perspective, I didn’t just rewrite every scene from Meg’s books in Alex’s. The big plot points may be shared and there is a lot more to Alex than what we see from Meg’s eyes. However, below I’m posting a sample of the same scene in the […]

Day 4 of We Want Alex

Throwback Thursday An excerpt from So I’m a Double Threat, the first Double Threat book (told from Meg’s point of view). Here’s the setup… Alex goes to Meg’s soccer practice to talk to her about the upcoming rally. He ran for Backwards King (like Sadie Hawkins) and he made the court with Meg’s help.   […]

Straddling The Edge: Teaser

I checked Goodreads and Straddling The Edge now has over 200 adds. Yay! So I’m giving it up. I’m no longer holding the first chapter hostage. Keep in mind, this is not edited or revised yet, so when the real thing comes out in April, there could very well be lots of changes. 😀 Happy […]

Getting pumped for Double Threats Forever

With the release of the new book covers, I did a blog tour in May. It was fun writing guest pieces for various blogs and since we’re getting ready for the release of the final Double Threat book, I thought I’d remind you of some of the posts here. These quotes are from the first […]