Day 13 of We Want Alex

Playlists rock my world! Creating a playlist for a book is a lot of fun. Listening to music while I write is motivating and inspiring. It keeps me going. A day without music for me is a sad sad day. I need it to just live. Take a look at the playlist for Before Someday-Part […]

Day 3 of We Want Alex

19 days until Before Someday is live and available on ereaders worldwide! Are you excited? I am! Before Someday is a long novel. Like really long. Just think… Meg had four whole books to tell her story. Alex has one. So, what I did was divide the book into four parts. Got it? Let’s take […]

Addicted to this playlist

#AmWriting. #WouldWriteMoreIfIStoppedSinging I’m sure you’ll be seeing those hashtags on Twitter today. I’m about to start a major assault on Double Threats Forever today–the last installment of the Double Threat Series. The cover will be revealed in the next few weeks. But, before I get started, I had to fire up my music. I’ve been […]