Day 16 of We Want Alex

Teaser Tuesday While Before Someday is told from Alex’s perspective, I didn’t just rewrite every scene from Meg’s books in Alex’s. The big plot points may be shared and there is a lot more to Alex than what we see from Meg’s eyes. However, below I’m posting a sample of the same scene in the […]

Day 9 of We Want Alex

#TeaserTuesday   “Hey, man.” I look up from tying my shoes to see Ben standing in my doorway. “What are you doing here?” “Just thought I’d stop by and see if you needed a ride to Josh’s. I don’t mind being the designated driver if you want to have a drink on your last night […]

Day 2 of We Want Alex

It’s Teaser Tuesday Happy reading!   “Mom, don’t worry. I got it handled. Don’t crap on my parade here. Meg is going to be on my arm.” I sink into a chair at our breakfast table. “Let me enjoy this moment, would you?” She sits down next to me. “Oh, honey. Why is this so […]

Teaser Tuesday: Tell Me You Love Me

What’s up? Hope all is well in your world. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a teaser, so I thought I’d go for it. I have a new release coming up in September. I haven’t set a date you, but I will let you know as soon as I know. Tell Me You […]

Teaser Tuesday in Summer’s world

Hey there! This week, the teaser comes from the oh-so adorable Matt. It’s a quick one, so feel free to read it more than once. Haha. “No one expected you to be friends with her, babe. In fact, most people thought it was odd that you even tried. So don’t beat yourself up about not […]

A Little Taste of Summer …

Haha … cool title, huh? It’s not the title of the book though. It’s the title of the post. I have no idea why I’m holding back on giving you the title for the 3rd book. I just thought it would be fun to find out the title when you see the cover. No? Yes? […]

This one’s a doozie!

Hi!! This is me waving::

This one’s a doozie!

Hi!! This is me waving::

This is a good one! #TortureThursday

Howdy! Here’s a torturous teaser. Enjoy! “Amy, promise me you’re telling me the truth.”” I may have done some stupid shit in the past, but I would never lie about something like this.”  Oh my. What could they possibly be talking about? I can’t wait for you all to find out. See ya, Julie

Torture Tuesday is back!

DT4 is on it’s way… As I write, I’ll be posting some wonderful torturous teasers. Mostly on Tuesdays, some Thursdays, and maybe I can come up with other evil adjectives for the rest of the days of the week. But for now, here’s the first one: “Maybe next year, you’ll be up here getting settled […]