Next up: Alex’s story

Two words: 1. Alex 2. NaNoWriMo What does that mean? It means that the first draft of Alex’s story should be complete by the end of the month because I’m writing it for Nano. And Nano runs the month of November only. I’m challenging myself to. Get. It. Done! I’ve scheduled time with my editor […]

Addicted to this playlist

#AmWriting. #WouldWriteMoreIfIStoppedSinging I’m sure you’ll be seeing those hashtags on Twitter today. I’m about to start a major assault on Double Threats Forever today–the last installment of the Double Threat Series. The cover will be revealed in the next few weeks. But, before I get started, I had to fire up my music. I’ve been […]

Drunk Texts

Happy Friday! Can I get an “amen”? Wow. These last few weeks have flown by and I’ve hardly had any time to write. While I love being back at work with my students, I’m totally missing my characters. I was on a roll with Meg and co. but that all came to a screeching halt […]

This is a good one! #TortureThursday

Howdy! Here’s a torturous teaser. Enjoy! “Amy, promise me you’re telling me the truth.”” I may have done some stupid shit in the past, but I would never lie about something like this.”  Oh my. What could they possibly be talking about? I can’t wait for you all to find out. See ya, Julie

Another Friday Funny

I’ve had a busy week and forgot to post a Teaser Tuesday or a Torture Thursday, so here I am. It’s only Friday. Better late than never. I still have two blogs coming up detailing my latest adventures at the RWA Literacy Signing event in Anaheim and Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in Oxnard. Whoot whoot! […]

Friday Funnies

We did Torture Tuesday. How about Friday Funnies? Here’s a little teaser from the final Double Threat book: “I’ll freak you so hard Alex will feel it all the way in Berkeley.” Did you laugh? I still crack up just thinking about this scene. It’s safe to guess someone is saying this to Meg. But […]

Every day is torture day …

My Twitter buddies inspired me to write a teaser today. We often have fun posting back and forth about Alex, Meg, and do I dare say his name? Travis. Cue the Freddy or Jason music and the shrill screams. Poor Travis. As @BrandyJ79 would say, “He gets no love”. Nope, he doesn’t, because just the […]

A very sly Teaser Tuesday…

It’s Tuesday! How excited are you? It’s getting harder each time to pick a little blurb to tease you with. I find myself wanting to just post an entire scene. But, I won’t. So here it is: “Meggie,” Steph says, reaching for my arm. “Put your claws back in. Let him have some fun.” I […]

Meeting Simone…

It happened folks! Today I met SimoneElkeles! She was amazing, fun, and entertaining. She made me laugh so hard I wanted to pee my pants at times.  Simone started the presentation by introducing the eight books she has available. She showed the rap for Perfect Chemistry, and the book trailers for Rules of Attraction and […]

Alex’s Blog

I was reminded more than once today that tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday. Usually, I pull a line of dialogue from Double Threats Go S.L.Y. and post it on Twitter and Facebook. This week, I thought I’d do something a little special. One Teaser Tuesday revealed Alex getting knocked the heck out by Travis. I got a […]