Day 9 of We Want Alex



“Hey, man.”

I look up from tying my shoes to see Ben standing in my doorway. “What are you doing here?”

“Just thought I’d stop by and see if you needed a ride to Josh’s. I don’t mind being the designated driver if you want to have a drink on your last night in So Cal.”

I stand up and reach out to give him a fist bump. He does the same.

“I’m cool,” I tell him. “I’d rather drive so I can take Meg home. I’d like to get some time with her alone before I go.”

“What do you call this whole fucken summer, bro?” He’s been bitching that we haven’t hung out much. Meg and I have done our share of partying with the crew, I don’t know what he’s complaining about. It’s not like he hasn’t been spending time with Vanessa. He takes his normal seat in the bean bag. He pats the side. “I’m taking this shit home with me.”

“No, you’re not.”

“It’s my spot and you’re not going to be here.” He sounds like a whining little kid.

“I’ll be coming home for visits, dick. It’ll be here waiting for you to visit.”

He shakes his head. “Whatever.”

“When do you start classes?” I ask him. He’s attending a local junior college. The dumbass should be going to a four-year like me. He says it’s not for him. Staying home isn’t either. I don’t know what he’s waiting for. He needs to grow up some time.

“Next week.” He takes a football from my dresser and tosses it in the air. “It’s going to be weird not going back to Carver. It’s like we’re starting all over.”

“Tell me about it.” I catch the ball when he tosses it to me. “At least you’ll be at home with all of our friends. I won’t know anyone. Talk about starting over.”

“I’m going to miss you, bro.”

I toss the ball back to him. “Me, too.”

“More than Meggie?” Even he laughs at his own question.

“Not a chance.”

“It’s going to suck for her when you leave.”

“Don’t remind me.”

Our game of catch continues. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure she’s taken care of.”

When I toss the ball back to him, it’s a little harder than I intended. Maybe.

“Hey,” he says. “I don’t mean like that, dick. I meant that if she needs anything, or if you need anything. I’m there. For both of you. It’s not like that anymore. She’s yours. All yours.”

And don’t you ever forget it, I want to tell him, but I bite my tongue. “Thanks.”





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