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Ready for another one? This is a guest blog interview between me and Alex. I’ve expanded it a little from the original.

Double Threats Forever is getting closer. I hope you enjoy these fun posts in the meantime.

Happy reading!

“Late Night with Julie Prestsater with Special Guest: Alex Aguilar”

Julie: Hey, Alex. Nice to you see you again.

Alex: Nice to see you too. Thanks for having me.

Julie: It’s been awhile. We’ve read about you in So I’m a Double Threat. Since then, you’ve come back in Double Threat My Bleep, and Double Time. And now, the finale is coming up for release.

Alex: That’s right. I’ve been busy.

Julie: We have a lot to talk about, especially your private life. Let me just warn the readers, some spoilers are coming your way.

Alex: Good idea, we don’t want to give anything away.

Julie: You ready?

Alex: Absolutely. What’s your first question? Hit me?

Julie: Nice choice of words, because at the beginning of first book, I really wanted to hit you. Hard.

Alex: I’ve been told that before. A lot, actually.

Julie: Stop with that grin, you’re distracting me.

Alex: I’ll try.

Julie: (It’s not working) Let me start with this: Why? Why? Why?

Alex: (chuckles)

Julie: Really? Why Amy? She’s awful.

Alex: I really didn’t have any intention of hooking up with her, but at that party, she came on a little strong. She told me some things, which I know now to be false, and I just went with it. Here’s this beautiful girl, sexy as hell, trying to hook up with me … what guy in my shoes would walk away from that?

Julie: A smart one. So tell us, what did Amy say? Or should I say, what lies did she feed you?

Alex: You know, I’ve never told anyone this. Not even Megan.

Julie: That’s okay, your secret is safe with us.

Alex: (long pause) Okay. At the party, Meg was dancing and Amy was alone. So, I went up to her and started asking about Meg. I was interested in Meg from the beginning, not her friend. She told me Meg wasn’t interested in going out with guys until she was a senior. And she was definitely not interested in me. She said Meg thought of me as a big brother.

Julie: And you believed that crock of sh…? Crap?

Alex: I know, I know. I was an idiot.

Julie: Ben said you broke up with your girlfriend so you could go out with Amy. What do you have to say about that?

Alex: Ben obviously didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

Julie: I still can’t believe you listened to Amy.

Alex: I had no reason to believe she’d lie. I didn’t really know her that well.

Julie: You knew her well enough to stick your tongue down her throat. Right in front of Meggie.

Alex: (squirms) I know. That was bad. But, I’d like to think I’ve made up for it since. Just ask Megan. I think she’d agree. (winks)

Julie: What about New Years? I can’t imagine how Meggie felt when you and Amy went into her bedroom. And you two kissing. Oh my god, I wanted to punch you in the face and knock you out.

Alex: That would’ve been great. You could have put me out of my misery. I was dying that night with Megan all cuddled up to that dumb ass Eric. I had to get out of there. That’s why I left. Nothing happened in Amy’s room. We just talked. She knew I was thinking about Meg. We almost broke up the night. I tried anyway. But she talked me out of it. We were never all that close after that.

Julie: Then why did she stay with her?

Alex: Lack of self-control maybe. I knew I’d start something with Meg if I was single. And I didn’t want that for her.

Julie: Don’t you think that’s something she should have decided for herself?

Alex: Seemed like a good idea at the time. As you know, staying away from her is like trying not to breathe. Impossible.

Julie: Well, I guess we’ll just have to read on to see how impossible it is in the last book. So tell me, do you finally get the girl? Or should we get you some oxygen?

Alex: No comment.

Julie: All right then. Fine. That’s all the time we have today. Thanks for chatting with me, Alex.

Alex: Sure, anytime.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love, love, love your interview with Alex. Even though Alex was shitty sometimes, he has always been #1 in my eyes. Love him!!!!! I can hardly wait to see if Alex and Meg get their happily ever after!!!!

  2. Hi Ms Prestsater, I love your books. I just finished reading the whole “Double Threat”series, Meg and Alex have such great chemistry. I loved your interview with Alex that was awesome. You answered all the questions I had from the beginning. I was always wondering what was Alex thinking hooking up with Amy. I loved the ending. Thank you so much for writing such a great series.

  3. Hi Ms Prestsater, I just finished reading the entire series of “Double Threat”, and I totally loved it. Wow, I love your interview with Alex, it answer all the questions I had. I always wondered why Alex got involved with Amy in the first place. I loved the chemistry, and compatibility between Alex, and Megan. Thank you for writing such a great series.

    • Hi Lucy,
      Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked the interview. Maybe I should add it as some bonus material on one of the books so readers get to hear his story. 😀 Thanks for writing in and for reading the series.
      Happy holidays,

  4. Averi Andersen says:

    Hi Julie!! I can honeslty say that when i finished the Double threat series i wanted to cry! I absolutely loved it! This series has made me actually enjoy reading! I was into all the drama and everything! I hate how Amy was all over Alex at the party and how they got together! But at the end of book 1 when they said “Someday” I did tear up a little! I loved this series and i want to read more about them! I am sad now! I have nothing else to read! I didn’t want this series to ever end! And if it gets turned into a movie i really want to know! I wanted to thank you for writing such an AMAZING series! Its sad that im done with it though.!

    • Thank you so very much! Wouldn’t it be great if it turned into a movie? 😀 We can only hope. Thanks again, Julie

  5. Hi!! Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely adore the double threat series!!! And even though I know that you’ve probably stopped even thinking about the series, much less wrong anything I wanted to suggest to maybe post a small little excerpt from what Meg was thinking on different times than the book. Like maybe what was going through her head when Alex proposed or what she was thinking when she got married or became a mother or any other important event not mentioned in the books!!! Of course, you don’t have to do it, it was merely a suggestion :)

  6. Hi Julie!!! I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of the double threat series! They are so relatable and all of the characters are just like my circle of friends! But I do have one quick question….. in the books, although the epilogue was awesome, I’ve still been trying to wonder what kind of weddings all of the different couples had or what other big events in their life were like after the novel……maybe could you post a quick little segment from what might have happened later :)

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